Scale your Data Center with an Atlassian Partner of the Year!

Scale your Data Center with an Atlassian
Partner of the Year!

Botron Software is the winner of the Atlassian Partner of the Year2018 Award for Technology - our team is recognized forexcellence in delivering innovative technology solutions tocomplex business challenges for Atlassian customers.

“For the past few years, we have been refining our data portability technologies and methodology to ensure a successful merger, migration or consolidation of Atlassian applications for customers. Our transparent, battle-tested, and high-fidelity approach ensures zero data loss and intact functionality.

Botron Software’s robust applications toolbox is used by numerous Solution Partners for large-scale migration initiatives and is an inherent part of the technology stack of Atlassian administrators from over 1400+ businesses worldwide.

Winning this award is a great accomplishment for our team,” said Peter Toudjarski, founder of Botron Software, who was present at the awards ceremony.

We have dedicated a lot of time and resources to perfecting tools and methodologies for efficient data portability, migrations, and Data Center consolidations. This is a win not just for our team, but for all our customers whose invaluable feedback was instrumental for our success.”

The entire migration initiative was incredibly well organized and smoothly executed by Botron Software’s Professional Services team. We didn’t encounter a single issue since we went live over the weekend.” 

Shlomi Cohen
IT Specialist