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Merge Custom Fields easily and automatically

One of the most complex administration tasks in Jira can now be accomplished easily and automatically, with full confidence in the result.

Power Admin’s brand-new milestone feature gives Jira admins the ability to merge source and destination custom fields of the same type in Jira. As a result, all values in issues and contexts will be moved to the destination custom field while the source custom field won’t be deleted. Learn all about Custom Field Merge and what it can do for your Jira.

Power Admin ensures that Jira administrators work with faster, better UI. It enables you to perform effortlessly day-to-day tasks, which are otherwise not possible or require advanced scripting or SQL.

Change Management

Power Admin gives you complete visibility into complex dependencies of each configuration element and how a change is going to affect it.

App Usage

Understanding where in your project configuration each app is being used is vital information when you plan to renew your licenses or plan upgrades to minimize downtime and impact for end-users.

Faster UI

With a powerful search capability, Power Admin UI is 3x faster than regular Jira UI.

Configuration Optimizations

Identify custom fields that can be removed, archived, or merged when they are either not used by any project, not used recently, or duplicated.

Understanding Impact

Power Admin shows all usages of a given configuration object as well as Project impact so that admins can assess the impact at the time the changes are made.

Corruption – Free Changes

Any renamed or deleted change done via Power Admin is not going to break Filters, Dashboards, or Workflows.

“Really useful set of utilities for every Jira Admin, especially if you’re starting fresh on a big (and chaotic) instance with no knowledge of what previous admins did. The utility for custom field management quickly became my favorite …” read the full review on the Marketplace

Charles Cameron, Sr. Manager
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