The future of Jira administration

Configure your Jira faster and with more confidence with Power Admin

Understand dependencies & change impact for each configuration element at a glance

How many times have you implemented a change to your Jira configuration, only to trigger an unexpected impact across all dependent configuration objects? The lack of visibility into the complex dependencies of each configuration element requires time-intensive, manual and error-prone workabouts.

Power Admin for Jira eliminates these roadblocks by enabling admins to discover and review the dependencies for each configuration element easily and perform various quick actions such as configure, edit, copy, or delete.

Analyze usage of configuration elements

Large Jira instances often show a decrease in speed and performance due to a large number of configuration elements such as custom fields, thus prompting clean-up and performance tuning initiatives.

Power Admin for Jira streamlines these initiatives by providing powerful insights into the usage of configuration elements, allowing admins to delete unused or rarely used objects or reuse existing ones.

Overcome Jira administration UI limitations

The word “administration” is rarely associated with positive user-experience, and the existing Jira administration UI is no exception. Its less than optimal UI slows down the work of admins by increasing the number of clicks and page visits to complete a single task.

The Power Admin for Jira significantly improves the user experience for Jira administrators by enabling them to quickly find and perform quick actions on elements via an intuitive and user-friendly UI.

Handle Integrity Check errors

One of the major roadblocks and time-intensive challenges for Jira administrators are Integrity Check errors.

With Power Admin’s powerful error handling feature, admins can identify the root cause of each Integrity check error quickly and speed up the process for resolving them with the help of informative tooltips.

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