Confidently migrate Jira projects and configurations

from Server to Data Center or Cloud

With Zero Data Loss and Full Transparency

Configuration Manager for Jira

More than 4000 companies worldwide and over half of the Fortune 100 have trusted Configuration Manager for Jira to manage their Jira configurations at scale and solve their most complex migration challenges.

Migrate: Jira Server to Data Center

As your organization grows, relying on a single Jira server across your organization means risking failure and downtime, and migrating to Data Center becomes necessary. This app supports the migration of projects, configurations, and full system snapshots from Server to Data Center.

Configuration Manager 101

Move Projects & Issue Data

Merge Jira Servers

Migrate: Third Party Apps

Configuration Manager for Jira provides support for the migration of data from over 25 third-party apps. We are continuously working with new Marketplace vendors to bring more apps to the integration to ensure a better migration experience for all.

Apps SPI

List of Integrated Apps

Migrate: Jira Server to Cloud

Configuration Manager for Jira will enable you to move projects between all hosting platforms fully and transparently with no loss of data. Support for migrating full system snapshots to and from Jira Cloud is in the works — stay tuned!

Move projects from Server/DC to Cloud

Move projects from Cloud to Cloud

Move projects from Cloud to Server/DC


Designed to solve the most complex Jira administrative challenges

In addition to supporting migrations, Configuration Manager for Jira helps you automate administrative tasks, minimize risk when making configuration changes, and ensure compliance to data protection standards. Check out some of the most loved features by our users, like built-in rollback model, change and impact analysis, and selective merge.

“I’ve been using Configuration Manager for Jira migrations for years. As the product has evolved we have found their support teams quite capable and product teams willing to listen and incorporate feedback. If you have Jira migrations, consider this tool.”

Brian W

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As a Jira admin, one of the hardest things you will do is complete a migration. Whether it’s from server to cloud, or from one instance to another – it’s important to have the right plan in place and understand potential problems that may arise.

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