Detect, locate and fix errors in the configuration of your Jira instance

Run Integrity Check for your whole Jira system or for selected projects. The choice is yours

Easily Detect Broken Jira Configurations

Prevent corrupted configurations from making it to production by identifying errors in the configuration of your Jira instance such as references to missing custom fields, groups, and users in workflows. Integrity Check also helps you to find already existing integrity errors in your production environment, resolve them and optimize your daily activities in Jira.

Locate and Navigate to Errors with a Single Click

Use location paths to navigate directly to each error or apply all available quick fixes.

Fix Configuration errors on the fly

Save time and stay in control while resolving configuration errors by selecting an automated quick fix or making manual adjustments.

Choose the scope of your integrity check

Integrity Check’s Scope Selection delivers much-needed flexibility and time savings for Jira admins. It enables you to run an integrity check for the whole Jira system, for selected projects, or just for the last failed snapshot, if you use it as part of Configuration Manager for Jira.