Enterprise Atlassian Solutions

Enterprise Atlassian Solutions

Enterprise Atlassian Solutions

Enterprise Solutions: are designed to integrate multiple facets of a company’s business with full end-to-end business solutions. Track, coordinate and report using the Atlassian platform and best of breed applications.

  • Project & Program Management (PMO)
  • IT & DevOps
  • Software Engineering & Quality Assurance
  • Marketing
  • Asset Management
  • Human Resources
  • CRM & Sales

From Demand to Deployment

Accelerated Demand to Completion via Continuous Deployment

  • End-to-end Release Management Solution: connecting your Service Desk, ITOPS and Program Management for synchronous smooth and accelerated execution.
  • Automated Delivery: Automate movement of binaries to any endpoint in any environment and with any support server configuration. All performed on an incremental basis with continuous feedback describing inventory and changes.

DevOps – Continuous Integration & Delivery/Deploy

Continuous Delivery/Deployment

  • Embrace Agile: embrace Agile practices while managing smaller incremental releases.
  • Automated Delivery: automate movement of binaries to any endpoint in any environment and any support server configuration. All performed on an incremental basis with feedback showing the inventory and changes.
  • Continuously Test: automate testing so developers and/or testers can run through critical functional tests. Couple this with code analysis to provide feedback on the readiness of binaries.

Continuous Integration

  • Automated Integration:  trigger your development process workflow in the continuous integration server upon check-in of source code. Run automated tests and perform source code analysis.

Quality Management for Jira

Manage All Aspects of Your Quality Using Jira: Test Suites, Manual & Automated Test Cases, Link to Features/Test Cases.

  • Botron will transfer your current Quality Management System (QMS) to Jira and customize it meet your specific needs.
  • Aggregated views for test cases, pass/fail status. Reports for test suite/projects, historic trends and progress.
  • Implement collaboration features, including notifications, comments and assignments to help get everyone engaged.
  • Leverage an intuitive dashboard and reporting to help you see the bigger picture and highlight opportunities for improvement.

Asset Manager for Jira

Asset Manager for Jira allows you to…

  • Create Inventory: define and create custom assets for managing hardware, software, intellectual property and any other company resource.
  • Manage Relationships: between assets, owners and organizations.
  • Define Classes: inventory and organize classes into hierarchies.
  • Build Custom Reports & Screen Layouts: assets of different types, history and locations; plus search for assets with built-in query language or with JQL functions.
  • Scan Existing Desktop and Laptop Computers: built-in asset information collector application.
  • Import Data: CSV files, or migrate data between Asset Manager for Jira instances.

Use Botron’s powerful and comprehensive REST API for additional third party systems’ integration.


Human Resources for Jira

Maximize the Efficiency of Your HR Department with Jira.

  • Performance Evaluations: build standard and personalized goals, objectives and measures to drive company performance.
  • Personnel Files: centralize appraisal history, off-time records, training chronology and position changes.
  • Employee On-boarding Module: ensure employees are ready to go on day-1 with an on-boarding module (pre-employment checks, accesses and details creation).
  • Employee Off-boarding Module: off-board employees and contractors with a module designed to help HR teams easily track of the offboarding process.
  • Vacation Module:  make it easy for employees to submit and track holidays requests.
  • Personal Details Change Module: empower employees to self-manage their own confidential personnel data with Jira HR team notifications of personal details change.

CRM for Jira

CRM for Jira:  not customer relationship management, but rather communication and response management system. With CRM for Jira continuously track and manage.

  • Companies
  • Contacts
  • Custom Attributes
  • SLAs
  • Issues
  • History
  • Licensing
  • Custom Fields

“We were impressed with the Botron Configuration Manger for Jira. We had a project that required accelerated migration and contacted Botron Professional Services to migrate and consolidate our large Jira & Confluence instances from the Atlassian OnDemand platform to our on premise instances. The Botron Professional Services did an excellent job developing a concise SOW, setting expectations, developing a detailed plan of action, and co-leading the project with Ingram. While all project have twists and turns, the Botron team was super professional, worked with urgency, was very communicative and responsive throughout the process. Also, they are a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend you use their well-priced and effective Professional Services team.”

Dee Poole
INGRAM Project Manager