Configuration Manager

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Configuration Manager supports multiple use cases


Staging any desired changes prior to implementing them to production is a recommended IT best practice. This is the core use case for which Configuration Manager for Jira was designed – automated promotion of Jira project configuration from Test through Staging to Production Jira environment.

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Moving projects

Transferring projects between Jira instances is a must-have capability for every Jira administrator. Configuration Manager for Jira handles this process in a completely transparent manner and ensures no data will be lost and no configurations or capabilities will be affected.

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Merging Jira servers

Managing multiple instances can become too overwhelming and costly, thus consolidating your projects into a single instance is the best possible option to overcome these obstacles. Configuration Manager for Jira handles the most complex merger scenarios in an efficient and completely transparent for the end user manner.

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Project templating

Configuration Manager for Jira allows you to easily create a new project with the same process configuration as an existing one in less than 5 minutes.

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Project archive

When looking to improve the performance of your Jira, archiving completed projects is the most common practice. Configuration Manager for Jira handles the most complex part of this process – the transfer of the configuration and issues from the source instance to the archive server.

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Incremental archiving

For large enterprise instances where Jira projects run continuously and generate thousands of issues, a periodic incremental archiving is required. Incremental archiving is a use case designed to enable organizations to periodically archive old issues and keep the performance of their production instance intact while remaining compliant. Configuration Manager for Jira can handle the most challenging part of this complex process.

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Delegated project administration

Configuration Manager for Jira enables Jira admins to eliminate administration bottlenecks effectively and ensures scalability. This use case explains how to implement a delegated admin pattern where specific efforts can be offloaded to other teams without compromising the health of the Jira production instance.

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