Configuration Manager for Jira Cloud Early Access Program

Early access program

Migrate data and configurations to Jira Cloud

Early access program

Configuration Manager for Jira Cloud provides an advanced modern wizard to guide you through an effortless and safe migration process from Jira Server or Data Center to Jira Cloud — with zero configuration elements left behind.

Ready to try it out? Get the early access release and you will:

  • Perform a cloud migration and evaluate the app for your own needs
  • Connect with our engineers to share your feedback
  • Help us bring this powerful app to life

Early access requirements:

  • Have access to an on-premise Jira source instance with data to migrate
  • Have access to a Jira Cloud target instance to use for migration testing
  • Be willing to perform a few rounds of migration tests and devote a couple of hours per week to testing
  • Share feedback by reporting bugs, completing a user survey, and meeting with the product manager and development team to share final thoughts about the product after testing

Sound like you? Join the waitlist and we’ll be in touch soon.

How it works

Join the early access program and you will get the chance to try out this app before it’s released to the public. You’ll share your feedback, report any bugs, and tell us what features you care about most — all of which help us ensure the app can handle the range of complex data and configurations in every Jira instance.

Sign up

Click the “Join the waitlist” button and complete the form with your information. If you meet our tester requirements, we’ll contact you with instructions and an access token to get started.

Start testing

Begin testing Jira server to cloud migrations on your own. The more complex the migration, the better. Submit logs for any failed migrations and report bugs through our support portal.

Share feedback

Submit feedback through a survey, our slack channel, or the support portal at any time. As we incorporate bug fixes and improvements, continue testing as much as possible. Participants are asked to complete a few rounds of testing.


Our goal with this program is to test realistic migrations and identify where the app breaks. We’re offering attractive bounties of $350 to those who identify bugs and submit substantial feedback to help us achieve our goal.

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