Botron Software is ISO 27001 certified

Botron is officially ISO 27001 certified

What does this mean?

We, at Botron Software, achieve our goals by maintaining and constantly improving the functioning Management System for Information Security in accordance with ISO 27001:2013 and based on the requirements of the standard, the applicable regulatory framework, as well as the requirements of our customers.

Where necessary and upon request, the full version of the Policy is made available to concerned external parties.

Information Security Policy

The information security policy of “BOTRON SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS” LTD represents the next step in the general policy and organizational development of the Company. It defines the parameters and higher criteria for protection from unauthorized changes, loss or incorrect distribution of information, compliance with legal requirements; meeting customer requirements, protecting their personal data and interests, and enhancing organizational sustainability and competitiveness.

This Policy sets the framework for a system of measures that addresses the following general goals:

  • Guaranteeing confidentiality of information – by implementing a system of approved organizational and technological measures and restrictions on access, disclosure and protection of information;
  • Ensuring the integrity of information – by protecting against its unauthorized alteration or destruction;
  • Ensuring accessibility of information – by providing reliable and timely access to information on the principle that “anything that is not prohibited is allowed”
  • Achieving accountability of information – by introducing access control and access rights over information systems;
  • Ensuring continuity of the business activity of “BOTRON SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS” LTD – by maintaining policies and procedures to assure customers that the services will be provided and their personal data protected even in the event of force majeure or occurring system interventions;
  • Minimizing the risks associated with the security of information as a whole, which could result in physical, tangible or intangible damages to the organization, its customers and business partners;
  • Minimizing the degree of loss or damage caused by breaches in security;
  • Provision of the necessary resources for maintaining an effective Management System for Information Security;
  • Identification of the main framework for defining the control objectives and control mechanisms of the Management System for Information Security;
  • Informing employees, institutions, customers, suppliers and business partners who have access to information from “BOTRON SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS” LTD for their duties and responsibilities regarding security.

The policy also applies with regards to third parties – service providers, subcontractors and other organizations having access to the organization’s personal data, information and information systems