Premier Customer Support

Premier Customer Support

An enterprise-grade, use case tailored customer support designed for customer success.

From bottleneck administration of complex Jira environments to challenging migrations and archiving procedures to the effective coordination of the work of multiple teams and risk mitigation – Botron Software’s products are designed to solve some of the more complex challenges businesses face nowadays.

To keep your systems running smoothly and ensure the health of your initiatives, we are offering our customers a Premier Support option, where our highly-trained teams of senior engineers will provide a high-quality, closed-loop coverage and resolution for your problems, whether they are related to Botron Software’s product functionality or your Atlassian solutions.

Botron Software’s experienced Products & Services teams have a strong knowledge of all products, business processes, known issues, and workarounds – we guarantee the quickest time to resolve your issues!

Our Premier Support package adds a personalized, tailored to your use case support during convenient for your team business hours.