The most loved time tracking app is now integrated with Configuration Manager for Jira


When we speak collaboration, Everit is one of the partners who are always eager to join a partnership challenge. After taking a close look at Botron’s new initiative, Apps SPI, they decided not just to enter the data migration community but to enhance their well-known and most loved app: Timetracker – Time Tracking & Reporting!

Timetracker is a simple yet powerful time tracking solution that improves the way you log work in Jira. Manage worklogs, create reports based on projects, filters, users, or groups, share or export through the simple and highly customizable app interface. You can even add hourly cost rates to users, so besides tracking the time, you can also track the costs! Since version 4.7.8 you can migrate all available Timetracker data with the help of Configuration Manager for Jira in a single automated transaction.*

Now all users of Timetracker can rest assured that any future migration of app configurations and data will be performed in a much faster, easier and error-free way!

Not familiar with Configuration Manager for Jira‘s Apps SPI?

Apps SPI is an innovative solution whose goal is to help any Atlassian marketplace app vendor capture and move their entire add-on data from one Jira instance to another, all done with 0 data loss. If you are an Atlassian Marketplace Vendor who wants to transform its apps and make them the preferred choice for companies involved in frequent migrations, contact us today!

* for a detailed list of Timetracker migrated data, please visit Everit’s documentation.