The future of Jira administration: best practices & governance at scale

Configuration Manager for Jira has been a top-ranking app for Jira admins for five consecutive years, but its latest versions are bringing a whole new level of innovation – with over 3000 companies, including some of the largest enterprises out there, Configuration Manager exceeds most users expectations.

While Jira administration and governance haven’t been an area where Atlassian had invested heavily, Botron Software’s focus is to bring new solutions to an area known for its challenges and bottlenecks, especially when attempting to scale said practices.

Configuration Manager’s powerful capabilities support multiple use cases designed to enable admins to streamline the best practices for change management, backup & restore, and project archiving. Use cases include, but are not limited to, the following:

– Test-Staging-Production 
Project archive
Project backup & CMDB

In addition to its latest features like end-to-end support for Service Desk and SPI for seamless data portability of 3rd party apps, Configuration Manager for Jira has implemented powerful new features designed to enable Jira admins to be more efficient and tackle many tasks without the need for scripting or advanced SQL.

Introducing Power Admin: The future of Jira administration & governance at scale

Power Admin for Jira, available as part of the core Configuration Manager as well as a stand-alone app on the marketplace, is designed to provide value for the day-to-day tasks of Jira admins with capabilities focused on the following areas:

– Change management: understand dependencies and usage of configuration elements, prevent negative impact when implementing change requests;

– Scalability: optimize your configuration by deleting, merging or renaming custom fields and other objects; analyze used or rarely used custom fields;

– Efficiency: increase productivity when configuring Jira with an intuitive and advanced UI.

Power Admin is designed for understanding, configuring & governing complex Jira environments at scale, and supports the following use cases:

– Jira project configuration analysis
– Jira project clean-up & performance tuning
– Configuration Integrity error handling

For more information on Power Admin for Jira, check out our documentation or contact us for a demo.