Taking a closer look at the future of Power Admin and Integrity Check for Jira

Over the years we have received lots of positive feedback for our products and how they are making a real change in the work lives of Jira admins and owners across the globe. This has motivated us to continue building pioneering functionalities capable of not only solving the most complex problems in the Jira environment, but also giving our customers a strong competitive advantage in their business fields.

Two of our products that have truly won the hearts of Jira admins everywhere are Power Admin and Integrity Check for Jira. The ideas to build both apps came at separate times but shared equal motivation, as with all our products, for creating the best Jira experience out there.

Our continued investment

Since their inception, both apps have always been free of charge. Back then our motivation was to help Jira admins by making their work efficient and smooth.  Today, our motivation has gone even higher. We want to help you eliminate barriers, immensely facilitate, and speed up the process so you and your customers’ critical products will deliver their value faster.

To continue making the apps great, we’ve invested countless hours into developing new features and improving on existing ones. This is the reason we made the difficult decision to reflect those improvements in our prices, available in the week of 18 May 2021. By doing so, we’ll finally be able to grow our team and create the long-awaited features we have in our roadmap for both products.

Power Admin


The team behind Power Admin has always been committed to removing roadblocks to further optimize your Jira configuration experience. In the past two years, the Power Admin engineers transformed how Jira configurations look, feel and operate. They made it possible to perform operations like analyzing Jira elements’ usage and dependencies, managing configurations via quick actions, finding custom fields and exploring their usage, and much more.

One such improvement, available in the new major release,  is a game-changing capability for admins — the ability to merge custom fields. Over time, you may find you have similar custom fields in your instance that could be merged, and applying those changes manually can be incredibly time-consuming and error-prone. With this new feature, Jira admins will be able to easily merge custom fields of the same type, choose source and destination custom fields, and decide how to merge their context options and issues in values.

This is one of the most complex tasks in Jira administration and now you are able to accomplish it easily and automatically, with full confidence in the results.


In the next few releases, we will be adding a ton of great new features and enhancements*, with some of them including:

  • Enhancements to Custom Field Merge with more supported field types
  • GraphQL API for configuration and dependencies
  • Access by non-system admins – permissions
  • Service Desk support – searching in portals
  • Enhancements to Filters – rename, change owner, delete, change JQL
  • Search result export to CSV
  • Performance optimizations for custom fields – indexing of filters, agile boards, dashboards
  • and more!

Integrity Check for Jira


In the past year, Integrity Check gained many new features, improved its performance, and resolved thousands of problems for users worldwide. The team behind the app made it possible for the Jira admins to detect missing elements, health-check their Jira system, and automatically quick fix the most common Jira system problems. Now Jira admins are able to run an integrity check only for specific projects. Imagine having a Jira instance with 1000s of projects in it – which easily predisposes to 10,000s of errors – and you are looking only for the ones that relate to your projects. This takes a huge amount of time and effort.

We are focusing our efforts on adding more advanced features, quick fixes, and performance improvements of Integrity Check both as a standalone app and part of Configuration Manager for Jira. For a quick view of the differences between the free and the paid versions of Integrity Check for Jira, you can refer to our FAQ page and the table, dedicated to those differences there.


Integrity Check’s goal has always been to deliver functionalities that are either missing or limited in the native Jira integrity checker.  In the coming releases*, we will continue to invest in:

  • Quick fixes, which have been proven to save a tremendous amount of time and tedious, manual, risky work.
  • We will add the ability to schedule checks in the app, which will allow you to set a specific timeframe through the UI to run an integrity check of your Jira instance.
  • And other new enhancements on top of our continuous dedication to monitor and prioritize feature requests from our customers.

Our appreciation to our most loyal supporters 

We are immensely grateful to all of you who believe in our apps. As a small token of our appreciation, we are offering special introductory pricing for Power Admin and Integrity Check for Jira for the next three months (until August 18, 2021). No discount codes are needed — you’ll see this special pricing reflected in the marketplace already. All versions before the commercial ones will stay free of charge.

Our dedication to delivering you the best Jira admin experience is as strong as ever, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or other feedback. We will continue to support, maintain, and improve these apps that so many teams rely on every day.

*While Botron has made every effort at the time of publication to ensure the accuracy of Integrity Check and Power Admin’s roadmaps, features’ specifications, sequences, and timeframes, these items are subject to change if needed.