Resolving Custom Field Conflicts

Did you know that Configuration Manager for Jira will resolve custom field conflicts during deployment?

If there are Duplicate Custom Fields either in the snapshot or in your target system, they will be detected and a new screen will load in the deployment wizard with instructions how to resolve them.

For each detected duplicate field, you will see a separate expandable section on the page, titled with the name and the type of the field. For each duplicate case, there will be a mapping table including all duplicate fields with the respective name and type, and a drop-down menu which will allow to either select one of the possible fields or create a new field.

Even if you accidentally skip this screen, there is no reason to worry – “create a new field” will be your default option (unless your custom fields have the same native ID in the snapshot and in the target system, in which case the fields will be automatically matched), so no existing data will be jeopardized (worst case scenario – you might end up with a new field you don’t really need).

Find out more about Conflicting Fields Resolution in CMJ’s Documentation.