Polish your Jira Migration plans with Botron and ProForma


Do you ever feel like the Atlassian world is changing at lightning speed? We feel the same way.

Apps are evolving, work methodologies are improving, we are saying goodbye to Server, and it’s only February. Standing by the motto that “change is always for the better,” the most powerful advice we give these days is – Plan. Having the right plan and the proper tools by your side can elevate your performance and help you move through challenges with ease.

That’s why we created The Ultimate Guige to Jira Migrations. Written by the Atlassian expert and maestro of Jira configurations, Rachel Wright, this ebook is packed with best practices, planning worksheets, migration checklists, and insights from various perspectives. It contains 180 pages to help you and your organization on how to form the right plan for your migration projects.

And now, thanks to our friends at ThinkTilt, it’s easier than ever to add your migration plans directly into Jira.

ThinkTilt, the makers of the ProForma app, have recently added the Jira Migration SurveyJira Migration Checklist, and Jira Migration App Decisions (from our ebook) to their suite of available forms within the app. These forms make it easy for those of you embarking on a migration to reach, manipulate and use them for your own needs.

Simply follow https://proformademo.thinktilt.net/ or navigate to your ProForma app (if you already have it installed) and search for “migration” in the templates section of the app.

You’ll be presented with fully-functional worksheets to help you:

– gather initial information about your plan;

– record decisions for Jira apps, connections, integrations, and customizations;

– execute your Jira migration event at its best.

And we are not stopping here; you can add, edit or remove sections thanks to the extended capabilities of ProForma.

Check out your ProForma app and bring your Jira migration plans to life!