One of the most requested integrations is live! Elements Connect joins Botron’s data migration community


Elements Connect (formerly nFeed) is one of the most requested apps for data portability integration with Configuration Manager. 

Why? Because Elements Connect allows its users to populate Jira custom fields with data from any source, configure how data is displayed and how often it is refreshed. The app helps you ensure your data is in the hands of the people who need it when they need it, empowering them to work faster and smarter. 

Highly customizable, Elements Connect gives you the ability to create dynamic fields, set up dependencies, or fetch values depending on the context of the issue; query data from data sources like an SQL database, LDAP, REST API, or your local Jira; enhance the displayed data with templates using HTML, native AUI component, headers, footers, and even tables or bullet lists.

Now you can clearly imagine the struggle to replicate all these enhancements to a new Jira instance. Tough work, right?

We got you covered! Since version 6.6.0Elements Connect supports full data portability via the Configuration Manager for Jira.

What does this mean for users?

As a result of the integration, users of Elements Connect will run fully automated migrations of app configuration and data between Jira instances. See detailed instructions and suggested steps on the app’s documentation page.

Not familiar with Configuration Manager for Jira‘s Apps SPI?

Apps SPI is an innovative solution whose goal is to help any Atlassian marketplace app vendor capture and move their entire add-on data from one Jira instance to another, all done with 0 data loss. If you are an Atlassian Marketplace Vendor who wants to transform its apps and make them the preferred choice for companies involved in frequent migrations, contact us today!