Moving to a new Jira instance? Take your customized workflows with you!


Workflows, the Heaven and Hell of every Jira administrator, owner and user. From simple to complex, the usage of workflows is crucial when it comes to developing a bulletproof Jira process. Our friends, codecentric AG, are well aware of this case, and they are committed to improving the way their customers create, implement and define workflow paths.

With over 30 powerful Validators, Conditions and Post Functions, Workflow Essentials for Jira is created to create. You can perform countless sets of actions like comparing fields, validate the status of linked issues, verify field values changed on transition, create new linked issues, copy data automatically, and much more!

Having many customizations in your workflows may be tough when it comes to changing your Jira instance or scaling to a Data Center. Since Version 11.11.0, you can migrate all Workflow Essentials functions and default values via the Configuration Manager for Jira*, which guarantees keeping the references even if ID’s are changing, like with custom fields.

And last but not least, a warm welcome to codecentric in our data migration community!

* See the list of the supported app elements here

Not familiar with Configuration Manager for Jira‘s Apps SPI?

Apps SPI is an innovative solution whose goal is to help any Atlassian marketplace app vendor capture and move their entire add-on data from one Jira instance to another, all done with 0 data loss. If you are an Atlassian Marketplace Vendor who wants to transform its apps and make them the preferred choice for companies involved in frequent migrations, contact us today!