Introducing the powerful new features for Issue Matrix


As trusted by companies like Tesla, AirBnB, and NASA, Botron Software’s Issue Matrix has been an essential application for both technical and business users of Jira and Service Desk. The continues feedback loop between our customers and the development team behind the product has helped shape three new major features, designed to give users even greater visibility and control over their user experience and day-to-day activities.

Quick actions
This new feature enables users to configure actions that in one step will create and link issues with predefined Project, Issue Type, and Link type configuration. This way user errors are eliminated – only the correct issue type is created and linked using the right issue link. The user can configure different actions for each Issue Matrix field which is displayed as a separate panel. In the example below the two semantically different panels – documentation tasks and QA tasks have specific actions configured. The actions will create test case issue type in the QA project and Documentation tasks issue type in the Doc project with the correct links. This way the two Issue Matrix panels encapsulate both the view and create aspect of the data and thus improving the usability for non-technical users.


Enhanced visibility into related Issues
Would you like to be able to show related issues even though they are not directly linked?

With the enhanced visibility feature, Issue Matrix enables you to visualize issues which are not directly linked but share a common context, thus faster assessing the customer situation. For example, this capability allows related issues to be visualized based on the same value field, the screenshot below shows Jira Service Desk incident and Issue Matrix shows a list of other incidents filed by the same reporter. The configuration of that feature uses an extension to the JQL syntax, users can now compare issue fields with the values stored in the currently viewed issue.


Issue Categorization
Effective traceability is one of the major challenges for users who are either part or manage large projects. This was the primary driver behind the implementation of the Issue categorization feature – we wanted to give users the ability to quickly identify certain issues in an Issue Matrix field. An effective color-coded mechanism, similar to SLA, enables users to quickly spot issues belonging to certain category (e.g. issues that are overdue, action needs to be taken in the next 5 days, specific dependency, etc.). 

The configuration is based on JQL-syntax and is easy to configure.

Here is what our customers say about Issue Matrix

In my current project at NASA, we are using Issue Matrix to display the status of many different related records within each issue – it is an indispensable add-on for Jira, particularly when you have many related requests! Issue Matrix allows you to display data within an issue from other Jira issues using custom queries. The new feature that allows you to write a JQL query on any custom field is just an amazing piece of added functionality. If you have lots of interrelated issues, this is a no-brainer! ” – Halley

This is an essential plugin for Jira Service Desk – it I could give it 10 stars, I would! Issue Matrix enables you to embed a listing of related issues based on any criteria and most importantly – based on criteria from the current issue being viewed. In Jira Service Desk, it perfectly solves the following use case: what other support requests has this Customer reported? What support requests have been reported by this Customer Organisation? Without this plugin for Jira Service Desk, Support Agents have no idea about the customer history, which can lead to a poor support experience for our customers. With this plugin, you can empower your Support Agents to be aware of the entire history and situation, respond quickly and intelligently to the Customer. Petar Petrov and the team of Botron are highly responsive to support requests, take on feedback and were happy to work with me to answer my questions – enabling our company to get maximum value from this plugin.” – Justin Freeman