Introducing Power Admin: The future of Jira administration


Jira Software is a sophisticated platform comprised of hundreds or thousands of configuration elements such as custom fields, workflows, and screens with countless interactions between them. Jira admins are often faced with a multitude of challenges associated with the effective management of such complex Jira configurations and need to analyze multiple UI pages to understand the connections between the various configuration elements daily. This is a time-intensive and overwhelming task – the lack of visibility and the nonlinear nature of the dependencies between the configuration elements required Jira admins to seek various workabouts to get a more clear understanding of the dependencies and their change impact.

If you are facing these challenges or want to use a more intuitive UI, Power Admin is the red pill you have been looking for! Power Admin – a feature of Configuration Manager for Jira as well as a stand-alone Jira app – is an advanced administration tool which enables you to search for configuration elements, understand their dependencies and usage, and perform actions such as editing or configuring them. Power Admin for Jira allows you to configure and optimize Jira easier, faster, and with more confidence.

Understand dependencies & change impact for each configuration element at a glance

How many times have you implemented a change to your Jira configuration, only to trigger an unexpected impact across all dependent configuration objects? The lack of visibility into the complex dependencies of each configuration element requires time-intensive, manual and error-prone workabouts.

Power Admin’s search capabilities enable you to quickly and easily find any Jira project configuration element by Name (full or partial) or ID, discover and review its dependencies, and easily and perform various quick actions such as configure, edit, copy, or delete. Power Admin allows you to review the full information about any configuration element, including:

  • Its usage: see the usage of the search object across Projects, Issues, Filters, Agile boards & Dashboards.
  • List of dependent objects: see all the first level dependent configuration elements to the search object.
  • Chain of dependencies: drill down into a more detailed chain of dependencies to further explore configuration object relations.

This comprehensive analysis is crucial for acquiring critical information when implementing changes since it enables you to understand the change impact of such action and prevents you from potential mistakes that can impact a multitude of other, dependent elements.

Analyze usage of configuration elements

The flexible nature of Jira accommodates the need to tailor the configuration of a system based on the unique processes and operational needs of any business. However, this level of flexibility causes a tremendous diversity amongst data dimensions, and each data dimension can influence Jira’s speed and overall performance. Often, large Jira instances show a decrease in speed and performance due to a large number of configuration elements, thus prompting clean-up and performance tuning initiatives.

As for now, Power Admin for Jira enables you to gain visibility into the dependencies of the various configuration elements, but the upcoming versions of the product will allow you to streamline performance tuning and cleanup initiatives by enabling you to safely modify the configurations.

  • Performance tuning: Power Admin will enable you to identify duplicate or similar configuration elements (e.g., custom field) and reuse them instead of creating new ones.
  • Clean-up: the tool enables you to quickly and easily identify unused or rarely used configuration elements and delete them.

Handle Integrity Check errors

One of the major roadblocks and time-intensive challenges for Jira administrators are Integrity Check errors, which affect the usage and dependency information for a configuration element. Power Admin detects the errors and points out the problematic areas where the data could not be entirely collected due to integrity errors while at the same time continues to present the available usage and dependency information.

The error handling includes:

  • Ability to return partial data about the usage and dependencies when the data integrity is incorrect.
  • Collecting information about the places in the configuration where the integrity has failed – e.g., screens, workflow schemes, etc.
  • Showing errors in the relevant places in Power Admin – in the appropriate usage/dependency counters and the project column in the table with dependent elements.
  • Notifying with different error messages and tooltips that the data is incomplete and suggesting how to proceed to identify the root causes of the problems.

Power Admin is currently listed as a free Jira app on Atlassian’s marketplace! Check it out & experience Jira in a whole new way!