Never Lose a Checklist Again: Integration Partnership with Okapya

We are excited to share that one of the most loved apps in the Atlassian ecosystem, Checklist for Jira by Okapya, is now integrated with Configuration Manager for Jira’s Apps SPI solution. This means any time you need to move data and configurations with Configuration Manager, you can easily include any data and configurations from the Checklist for Jira app as well.

How Checklist for Jira is helping Jira admins

Checklist for Jira is ideal to build multiple to-do lists. It has plenty of smart features adaptable to any workflow or issue. With its built-in statuses, the app saves you from the complexity of using sub-tasks to track what is important to you and your business.

When it comes to data migrations, one of the biggest issues for Jira users is the loss of app data and configurations, resulting in the need to recreate them manually in the new environment. Now Checklist for Jira’s integration with Apps SPI will enable Okapya’s customers to automatically move all checklist global items, behaviors, templates, and workflow functions to a new environment — all with zero data loss and saving hours of manual operations.

What do our partners say about the implementation?

“We are excited to have integrated Checklist for Jira with Configuration Manager for Jira to ease the migration burden. Jira admins can now sleep tight not worrying about spending hours recreating the checklist configurations and making mistakes while doing so. Customers love it!” – Yves Riel, CEO, Okapya.

What is Apps SPI and how does it help the entire Atlassian data migration community?

Apps SPI is a feature of Configuration Manager for Jira and an innovative solution that benefits both Atlassian vendors and ultimately their customers. Since its first release, Configuration Manager for Jira has provided built-in integrations for the most widely used apps, a full list available here.

Marketplace apps integrated with Apps SPI enable their users to perform automated migration of all app data and configurations from one Jira instance to another with zero data loss. If you are an Atlassian Marketplace Vendor that wants to add additional value to your app’s user experience, contact us today.