Inside Botron – Meet George

Most probably you already know him – if you ever contacted Botron support for Configuration Manager, Issue Matrix or Cycle Control, there was 80% chance that George was the first person to respond.

Regardless of your timezone or for which Botron product you need help, George will always be there for you. Always. And yes, the number IS 80% for the last 3 years – this makes it more than 1000 emails and 200 customer cases closed.




This is George’s first superpower – passion for customer satisfaction.

And It works – customer support is among the strongest qualities of Botron. We’ve known from the very beginning that supporting YOUR SUCCESS is key to our success and George continuously improves upon this idea.

See what customers say about that:

Scottie Brimmer

“I’ve recently had the opportunity to contact support for something and they jumped on it immediately. They even followed up later just to make sure I didn’t need anything else.
Customer Service and Support are very important to us and we definitely get the highest possible level of both from the folks at Botron!”

Chris Volker

The support has been fantastic. The response to our open issues has been nearly instantaneous, and meaningful, offering additional recommendations in pursuit of a resolution or question.

Brad Rarick

What really impressed us about this plug-in was the Botron customer service. They had prompt email support, great communication, and fixed our issues very quickly.
We deal with a lot of vendors and we have never experienced better support from any software company.

What makes George so effective in his customer support role?

Well, George is an accomplished Software Architect and he takes part in the development of all Botron products.

He takes great pride in his work which helps him improve the products and provide great customer experience. And yes, we have rather unusual support model – it is not outsourced and it is not handled by another team inside the company. Instead, the core development team which wrote the code is doing the customer support. Whether it is Java, JavaScript, SQL, shell or something else, George is a top software engineer, fully committed to excellence. This is his second superpower.

Now, about his third superpower which you won’t find out until you meet him in person – George is a member of a new movement for healthy lifestyle that promotes wellness through physical activities, healthy food and a balanced lifestyle.

He helps our friends from Live to Lift improve the heath, fitness and well-being of as many people as possible, especially IT workers.



We asked George 5 questions:

  1. Which was your funniest moment with a customer?
    G: There was a guy who sent us this urgent email – “I need help, please reply ASAP”. The funny part was that it was not related to any of our products but Jira itself – due to some DB issues most of the users couldn’t log in. I was able to help him and his problem was resolved in less than 1 hour.
  2.  What is your favorite place to be?
    G: I really like spending time in nature – especially the mountains in Bulgaria and the seaside in Greece – spending time there charges me with great amounts of positive energy.
  3. What is your favorite Botron product?
    G: Well, most people expect me to say Configuration Manager, but actually Cycle Control metrics (for which I wrote some of the back-end logic), is the most innovative and slick thing we have done in Botron. Of course that’s my personal opinion.
  4. What is your favorite meal?
    G: I love roasted lamb leg with spinach. Especially if it’s cooked by my girlfriend (smile).
  5. When will you have more Karma points than Boris Georgiev (He has 15 000 points)?
    G: No way, this guy is a machine. It will take me another life.





Thanks George.


In our next “Meet the Team” blog expect Boris Georgiev (The Machine)