How File Field is helping us in our file management work


Jira has become one of the most powerful tools in the software development industry when it comes to tracking and managing your projects. With its robustness though comes a complexity, which in many cases causes slow performance in your day-to-day activities.

One such case is when you want to organize your attachments and build document-based workflows in Jira. A common problem here is that you might lose track of the latest attachments you want to work on.

Discovering File Field has been of great help to us at Botron, especially when we are dealing with contracts and other important documentation. It keeps the attachments uncluttered, particularly when multiple versions of files are involved.

This lightweight, flexible app helps you upload files in Jira using a custom field. It comes with lots of useful features such as dedicated custom fields to store 1 file per field, the option to restrict file types and max allowed size per custom field, able to define mandatory files at certain steps in your workflows and more. That way you always have the latest version of your file and mistakes of sending or editing the wrong document are substantially minimized.

File Field is great for organizing your attachments and building document-based workflows instead of the tricky default attachment field in Jira. We’ve seen real value in it and we’ll certainly continue to use it.