First Appfire family integration – Bob Swift’s Clone Plus for Jira is now fully portable with Apps SPI


As part of the Appfire family, we value the strong relationships, the company goals, and the strive for constant improvement. Now we are moving further – integrating not just humans, teams and processes, but several of our compatible Jira apps!

Today, we’re excited to share our first integration: Bob Swift’s Clone Plus for Jira and Configuration Manager’s Apps SPI! Now Clone Plus users can benefit from fully automated, successful migrations of app configurations and data with no need for additional set-up.

Not familiar with Clone Plus for Jira?

One of the most loved Bob Swift apps, Clone Plus lets customers clone Jira issues and epics, create custom issue cloning templates, and edit field values during the cloning process with ease. The powerful customizations allow users to repurpose existing issues and modify them based on their needs, like changing the target project, editing field values, and including or excluding custom fields as part of a clone. Jira users have flexible options to create and control clone operations before cloning an issue, which saves time and reduces human error. 

You can imagine the complexity of actions needed to manually transfer all issue customizations from one Jira instance to another. With the latest Clone Plus release, you can leave this in the past and rest assured that when it comes to migrations, your configurations are in good hands!

What do our partners say about the implementation?

“The Botron team has made it incredibly easy to integrate any Jira app with Configuration Manager. We’re thrilled to have completed our first integration, with a really quick turnaround time, so our Clone Plus customers can benefit from quicker and easier migrations. Be on the lookout for more integrations in the coming months.”

– Jeff Pierce, Vice President of Research & Development

What is the Configuration Manager for Jira‘s Apps SPI?

Apps SPI is an innovative solution whose goal is to help any Atlassian marketplace app vendor capture and move their full app data from one Jira instance to another, all done with zero data loss. If you are an Atlassian Marketplace Vendor who wants to transform its apps and make them the preferred choice for companies involved in frequent migrations, contact us today!