Enhance your Jira experience & boost your team productivity with Issue Matrix


Issue Matrix is designed by a team of agile software developers looking to improve their own Jira experience and boost their productivity by resolving some of the more common limitations of the default Jira UI. Today, Issue Matrix helps over 600+ companies of all sizes and industries to enhance their Jira Software and Jira Service Desk user experience, and significantly boost team productivity.

Issue Matrix is an indispensable tool designed to enhance how users interact with Jira Software and provide them with the flexibility to organize how their subtasks, linked, and related issues are visualized, and what type of information is displayed. Below you will find the latest features of the tool (since version 3.0.0) and how they enable users to be more productive.

Latest features: What you might have missed

Thanks to a constant feedback loop between Issue Matrix’s development team and customers, we are continually working towards improving the product to meet the needs of our customer base.

Below are the latest features (major version 3.0.0.) for Issue Matrix that you might have missed.

Edit issues on the spot with Issue Matrix inline editing

Issue Matrix inline edit feature gives users the ability to quickly and easily edit issues an Issue Matrix field, without navigating away from the current page, thus saving countless hours per week. Users can edit inline system fields, custom fields, and Service Desk fields, as well as different types of custom fields such as Select List, Story Points, and others.

Inline Edit is supported for all the Issue Matrix modes – Sub-tasks, Issue Links, Epic, Filter and Custom JQL.

This feature has already saved teams countless hours, or as one of our clients recently shared with us: “With a bit over 700 Jira users, and several agile teams using sub-tasks and Epics on a daily basis, this simple and intuitive feature saved us hundreds of hours and countless click-throughs in the first month alone!” 

Configure Issue Matrix in the Issue Navigator

Since version 3.0.0., Issue Matrix fields are visible when you add them as columns to the Issue Navigator’s List View. The feature enables users to configure Issue Matrix fields in the Issue Navigator in two visualization modes:

– Issue Keys mode: only the keys of sub-tasks and linked issues are visualized in the Issue Matrix field column in the Issue Navigator.

– Issue Matrix Table mode: the entire Issue Matrix table is visualized in the Issue Navigator.

Configure Issue Matrix tables in Agile boards

You can configure Issue Matrix tables to be visible in the issue detail view in your Agile boards. The feature is applicable for both Scrum and Kanban boards and seamlessly integrates with the Agile environment.

Example of Issue Matrix tables in a Scrum board.

Example of Issue Matrix tables in a Kanban board.

Drag’n’drop re-ordering of subtasks

Have you ever had to reconfigure the order of your subtasks? Since version 3.1.0., re-ordering your list of subtasks could never be easier. In Issue Matrix, you can reorder sub-tasks using a simple drag ‘n’ drop. You can drag the sub-tasks and drop them anywhere on the list, thus making your work faster and more efficient. You can easily organize long lists of sub-tasks and add new higher priority sub-tasks.

If you haven’t had a chance to explore Issue Matrix’s latest features, head out to our documentation and see what you have missed for the past few months. Check out our most recent Issue Matrix use cases to gain more understanding into the value this app can provide to your business.