Data Center 2019: Configuration Manager for Jira is officially a Data Center Approved application


Following the success the Atlassian Data Center products for customers scaling their business and looking to ensure a high level of availability and consistent performance, Atlassian has launched a new class of marketplace apps as part of their Data Center Approved program.

The Atlassian Marketplace vendors are continually working to extend and improve the existing experience with Atlassian products by contributing powerful functionality. A lot of 3rd-party applications have become an integral part of the Jira environment for a lot of businesses. Therefore, Atlassian and the ecosystem of marketplace vendors have defined clear standards for applications used in large-scale, clustered Data Center environments. As Josh Berman, the Product Marketing Manager put it:

Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new class of Marketplace app, one that is not just purpose-built for Data Center environments, but that is also tested and approved to live up to a higher standard. We’re not only backing our promise from the end of 2017 to strive to have your favorite Server apps available in Data Center environments, but we’re also ensuring they do so without compromising performance.

Botron Software is pleased to announce that we are officially an Atlassian Data Center approved vendor! The must-have tool for managing complex Jira environments, Configuration Manager for Jira, is now listed on the marketplace with a different pricing model from the existing Server hosting option. 

What does that mean for customers?

Data Center approved apps follow an annual subscription model, based on your Data Center user tier. From our experience, customers with higher user-tier require additional support. Therefore we have decided to include 10 hours of premier support as part of the licensing model for new customers who purchase Configuration Manager for Jira license for 2000+ user-tier.

As for our existing Data Center customers who are using Configuration Manager for Jira before the rollout of the Data Center app pricing model – we have a sweet deal for you too! You will be able to renew your license for the cost of the original purchase if before the end of 2018.

To learn more about Data Center approved apps, see the Atlassian Announcement on this topic, or contact us at with your questions.