Configuration Manager for Jira unveils a new integration with workflow automation leader JSU

Two of the most popular apps in the Atlassian ecosystem, JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows and Configuration Manager for Jira, are joining forces in a long-awaited data migration integration. The new integration will enable JSU’s customers, to automatically migrate all JSU configurations, global settings, project variables, validators, and post-functions across on prem instances with zero-data loss.

How does JSU help Jira users?

Jira admins know well that workflows are the most complex configuration elements. Customizing and automating the perfect workflow is key to getting the most out of Jira and it pays dividends down the line.

JSU’s no-code, fast, and easy-to-use nature makes workflow automation a breeze. More than 16 million users worldwide rely on the app for a range of useful features that enhance Jira’s base workflows functionality. It’s packed with powerful pre-conditions, conditions, validators, and post-functions which help address a wide range of use cases, including but not limited to QA, internal approvals, backlog maintenance, workload management and so much more

Now imagine the challenge of migrating or merging all these elements from one on prem Jira instance to another, while ensuring that all workflow configurations and customization continue to work properly on the target instance. The use case becomes increasingly complex when your Jira instance consists of hundreds or thousands of projects and the possibility of comprising configuration and data integrity grows.

JSU’s integration with CMJ allows JSU users to migrate all of their workflow configurations with minimal effort. Apps SPI provides the means for collecting app references on the source instance and properly resolving them on the target instance. As the number of Jira migrations and mergers in the Atlassian ecosystem increases, Apps SPI equips app vendors and their customers with a proven solution for scaling their businesses and keeping consistency, integrity, and ease of use for their app data intact.

What is Apps SPI and how does it help the entire Atlassian data migration community?

Apps SPI is a feature of Configuration Manager for Jira and an innovative solution that benefits both Atlassian vendors and ultimately their customers. Since its first release, Configuration Manager for Jira has provided built-in integrations for the most widely used apps, a full list available here.

Marketplace apps integrated with Apps SPI enable their users to perform automated migration of all app data and configuration from one Jira instance to another with zero data loss. If you are an Atlassian Marketplace Vendor that wants to add additional value to your app’s user experience, contact us today.