Configuration Manager for Jira 2019 Optimized Price Model Explained


The fiscal year 2018 was a dynamic one for growth and innovation within Atlassian and its ecosystem of partners. Throughout the year, Atlassian’s stock price was rising on average with 43% per quarter, closing the fiscal year with a total of 175% increase in stock price. This success was achieved through a combination of an effective acquisition growth model (Trello, OpsGenie), a strategic partnership alignment with Slack, and a series of integrations across products resulting into the development of a single Jira-based incident management workflow called Jira Ops. 

All these strategic decisions enabled Atlassian to focus more on the continued improvement of their existing product line. The investment in R&D, UX, and the overall increase in product value, naturally, led to a rise in prices for Cloud and Server products.

As of 1st 2019, Server prices will feature a 25% increase on user tiers up to and including 500 users, and a 15% increase on user tiers above 500 users. The new pricing excludes Fisheye, Crucible, Atlassian services, all Data Center products, and Starter tier plans.

Are we rising the prices for Configuration Manager for Jira? Yes and no.

During the Atlassian summit in Barcelona several solution partners who use our Jira administration product, Configuration Manager for Jira inquired whether we would be increasing our prices following the announcement from Atlassian. Yes, and no – depending on which user tier we are talking.

Following our internal investments in R&D for Configuration Manager for Jira, including the release of several powerful new product capabilities and a few more in development, we decided to optimize our pricing model to reflect both the work of the growing team behind the tool, as well as the current market conditions.

As of Jan 1st, 2019, the prices for the Configuration Manager for Jira (server) will see a decrease in prices for smaller user-tiers and an increase for higher user-tiers. The changes are as follows:

We value our customer base without which we wouldn’t be the company we are today; therefore we would like to elaborate on our decision to optimize our pricing for 2019. For the past fiscal year, Botron Software has significantly increased the team behind Configuration Manager for Jira, thus enabling future growth of the product as well as more comprehensive support for customers, including premier support.

The team has been working on the development of several powerful new features designed to extend the capabilities and business value of the product, namely:

– Support for Jira Service Desk: a fully integrated, end-to-end support for Jira Service Desk (since version 6.0.0), which provides a 100% coverage of all Jira Service Desk features, configuration and data types. The data protection and enterprise features of the core Configuration Manager solution have been fully integrated for Jira Service Desk – a roll-back model in case of an error, deep change and impact analysis, detailed audit logging, and integrity checking.

– New Power Admin feature: an advanced administration tool which allows you to search for configuration elements, see dependencies and usage, edit and configure elements (since version 6.1.0)

– Extension SPI: ability to extend Configuration Manager for Jira with custom configuration and data, e.g., from a 3rd party applications (upcoming feature)

– Integrity check quick-fix: easily and quickly fix the most common and difficult to resolve problems that CMJ’s integrity check detects (upcoming feature)

– Selective merge: enable deployment flexibility by removing/alerting the merge logic (upcoming feature)

For more questions regarding the Configuration Manager’s optimized pricing model, new features, upcoming ones or any other type of support – don’t hesitate to contact us.