Botron’s Going Remote Guide: our five key points for enhanced productivity in your home office

At a time of a crisis, we at Botron consider ourselves lucky to have a job that allows us to work in the safety of our homes. Keeping the productivity up and running sometimes could be challenging, so we are sharing our best 5 tips for remote work! And remember, if you can stay home now, you make things safer for the people who can’t. 💙

* feel free to share, repost or use these photos in order to make someone’s remote life more productive and comfortable

1. Separate your work-space

Keep the distance between your work and your home by setting a dedicated space for your work-station and using it only in your work hours.

2. Have your lunch away from your computer

Give your brain a rest with making a few more steps and having your meal in a separate room, on the couch, or while reading a book.

3. Stay Active 🙂

Create a home workout routine – 30 minutes a day, and you’ll feel more energized, refreshed, and in the right mood to be productive.

4. Don’t binge on working

Being in front of the laptop the whole day makes you easy to stuck and overload with tasks. Think about your colleagues, don’t do that. (smile)

5. Share activity with your Team

Keep up the mood; engage your Team in a virtual challenge, team game or exchange daily routine or lunch ideas.


Stay safe and be awesome,

the Botron team.