Botron Software wins Atlassian Partner Award for Technology Excellence & Announces New Products


It’s been quite a year for Botron Software – we introduced a variety of powerful new features to our products, namely Cycle Control, Issue Matrix, and the long-anticipated Configuration Manager for Jira Service Desk. We are nowhere near done with the good news!


Winner of Atlassian’s Partner Award for Technology Excellence


During this year’s Atlassian’s Annual Partner Award, Botron Software was recognized for Technology Excellence – a category which awards partners for demonstrating excellence in implementing innovative technology solutions for Atlassian customers. Our team was recognized in delivering data portability technologies and services helping users consolidate, merge and migrate Atlassian applications.

Winning this award is a great accomplishment for our team,” said Peter Toudjarski, founder, and CEO of Botron Software, who was present at the awards ceremony. “We have dedicated a lot of time and resources to perfecting tools and methodologies for efficient data portability, migrations, and Data Center consolidations. This is a win not just for our team, but for all our customers whose invaluable feedback was instrumental for our success.”


Botron Software’s Upcoming New Products 

Now that we are done bragging about our award (we couldn’t help it), we can move on to the more significant announcement. Our team will be introducing several new products to our existing portfolio. Following the success of the Configuration Manager for Jira, we have decided to extend its powerful capabilities to Jira Cloud, Confluence, and Bitbucket. The underlying technology behind these new products has been tested and proven by our Professional Services team during their migrations and consolidations initiatives with customers.

Configuration Manager for Jira Cloud
Jira cloud admins – unite! Configuration Manager for Jira Cloud will enable you to automate with up to 80% of the process of moving projects and system configurations between instances (e.g., from Jira Server to Jira Cloud, or between Cloud instances).

Configuration Manager for Confluence
Want to consolidate your Confluence instances? Move spaces from one instance to another without losing any data and have everything working? Configuration Manager for Confluence will enable users to automate the migration of spaces, pages, blogs, macros, user permissions, etc. between instances without losing data or compromising functionality. Configuration Manager for Confluence will go beyond the functionality of existing tools and will enable users to do bulk migrations of multiple spaces at a time.

Configuration Manager for Bitbucket
Want to consolidate your Bitbucket instances? Migrate from server-to-server or cloud-to-server? Configuration Manager for Bitbucket will enable users to move not just Git repositories, but all project metadata such as pull requests, tasks, comments, and permissions in an efficient manner, without compromising and data integrity.