Botron Software introducing Premier Support services


Botron Software’s products, namely Configuration Manager for Jira and Cycle Control, are designed to solve some of the more complex challenges that businesses face nowadays. From streamlining the bottleneck administration of complex Jira environments to challenging migrations and archiving procedures, to the effective coordination of the work of multiple teams, and management of risks in large-scale initiatives.

The majority of our client base relies on the expertise of our engineers (who are the backbone of our customer support) in meeting their technical and business objective.

Now, as our marketplace reviews can attest to, we don’t take customer support lightly around here. Throughout the years, we have remained truthful to the policy of engaging our in-house development team to resolve customer queries – a strategy which has proven to be incredibly useful for both sides. With the growth of our customer base and the evolution of our products, we recognized the need to begin providing enterprise-class support that is well-versed in resolving problems on both technical and business process levels.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce a new customer support model – Premier Support. As a Premier Support customer, you will get all the standard support benefits, plus an added layer of personal support for both our products functionality and Atlassian Solutions.

Premier Support customers will have access to both our Product Support Team (for questions related to Botron product functionality) and Services Support Team (for questions regarding Atlassian solutions, assistance in upgrades and licensing, and strategy).

Key Benefits of Botron Software’s Premier Support:

  • Fast response time and minimal downtime;
  • 7-days a week support availability
  • Dedicated teams of senior support engineers and business processes professionals

Our premier support model is there to back you up, no matter when, where or how you want to engage – whether it’s online or via phone, our team will help you resolve any issue or roadblock to success.