Botron Software @ Atlassian Summit 2018: New product announcements & powerful new features


Every year, like clockwork, the Atlassian community comes together to share new ideas and better ways to use the Atlassian stack. This year is no exception, and Botron Software’s team is excited to be attending yet another Atlassian annual summit in Barcelona as a Gold Sponsor! You can find us at booth #G7, where our team will be demonstrating the latest features of our products, and talk about our future solutions currently in development.

Powerful new features: Configuration manager for Jira Service Desk, Scaleable dependencies for Cycle Control, and enhanced visibility into related issues from Issue Matrix 

After countless requests from customers to extend the powerful capabilities of Configuration Manager for Jira to Service Desk, the final product is finally live and available for download at the Atlassian marketplace. In this interview, Botron Software’s co-founder and CMJ team lead, George Dinkov, talks about the challenges in developing a fully-functional, scalable architecture that allows us to support multiple Jira Service Desk versions at the same time. In addition to a 100% coverage of all Jira Service Desk features, Configuration Manager has other existing features for customers, namely:

  • Power Admin: the tool will allow Jira admins to easily find configuration objects understand its dependencies and usage, e.g., answering questions like where a given custom field is used and if it can be safely removed;
  • Extension SPI: we have been working on this for a while, and hopefully we’ll be able to release it soon. Ultimately, this feature will allow any developer to extend Configuration Manager for Jira with custom configuration and data, e.g., from a 3rd party applications;
  • Auto-fix in Integrity Check: introduce options to enable the admins to automatically fix some of the most common and hard to resolve problems that CMJ’s integrity check detects.
  • Selective merge: provide options to allow the deployment of parts of the changes that CMJ detects and removing/altering other parts in the deployment wizard.

For those of you who are not familiar with Cycle Control for Jira, it is a powerful application designed to solve one major challenge – how to take the immense success of agile practices and scale them for multiple teams? Cycle Control enables organizations to fill the gap between managing a single team and a portfolio by rolling-up the data of any initiative that’s been tracked in Jira, and effectively monitor, track, and forecast its progress and status.

The latest release of the product, version 4.0.0, includes two new features – team dependencies and customizable terminology. These new features will enable managers to easily identify and resolve risky dependencies between teams, or external for the initiative parties. Additionally, users will be able to customize the application terminology to fir their existing company processes and provide an unparalleled and intuitive user experience, tailored to the needs of the company.

As trusted by companies like Tesla, Airbnb, and NASA, Botron Software’s Issue Matrix has been an essential application for both technical and business users of Jira and Service Desk. The continues feedback loop between our customers and the development team behind the product has helped shape three new major features, designed to give users even greater visibility and control over their user experience and day-to-day activities. The new features include:

  • Quick actions: users can configure actions that in one step will create and link issues with predefined Project, Issue Type, and Link type configuration;
  • Visibility into related issues: enables you to visualize issues which are not directly linked but share a common context
  • Issue Categorization: a color-coded mechanism, allowing users to quickly spot issues belonging to certain category (e.g. issues that are overdue, action needs to be taken in the next 5 days, specific dependency, etc.).

Botron Software’s Upcoming New Products 

Following the success of the Configuration Manager for Jira, we have decided to extend its powerful capabilities to Jira Cloud, Confluence, and Bitbucket. The underlying technology behind these new products has been tested and proven by our Professional Services team during their migrations and consolidations initiatives with customers

Configuration Manager for Jira Cloud

Jira cloud admins – unite! Configuration Manager for Jira Cloud will enable you to automate the process of moving projects and system configurations between instances (e.g., from Jira Server to Jira Cloud, or between Cloud instances) with up to 80%.
Soon you will be able to move projects between instances quickly (e.g., from Jira server to Jira Cloud, or between Cloud instances) without compromising their existing configuration or losing data.

Configuration Manager for Confluence

Want to consolidate your Confluence instances? Move spaces from one instance to another without losing any data and have everything working? Configuration Manager for Confluence will enable users to automate the migration of spaces, pages, blogs, macros, user permissions, etc. between instances without losing data or compromising functionality. Configuration Manager for Confluence will go beyond the functionality of existing tools and will enable users to do bulk migrations of multiple spaces at a time.

Configuration Manager for Bitbucket

Want to consolidate your Bitbucket instances? Migrate from server-to-server or cloud-to-server? Configuration Manager for Bitbucket will enable users to move not just Git repositories, but all project metadata such as pull requests, tasks, comments, and permissions in an efficient manner, without compromising and data integrity.