Botron joins the Appfire family


Two of the brightest “flames” on the Atlassian Marketplace are joining forces to create a unique combination of customer focus, vision, and commitment to bringing the best experience for Atlassian administrators everywhere.

Botron was one of the first companies to bring the end-to-end data portability solution to the Atlassian ecosystem. With the company’s flagship tool, Configuration Manager for Jira, Botron completely revolutionized the way we approach migration and consolidation of Jira configurations and improved the daily work life of Atlassian teams everywhere.

Now, with 32 team members, 4 top-performing apps on the Marketplace, and an award-winning Atlassian Migration Services team, Botron’s distinctive product capabilities have provided much-needed enterprise best practices for 4,000+ organizations worldwide.

To continue our journey in providing stable solutions at any scale, we’ve decided to expand our vision even further.

We are thrilled to announce that Botron is now part of the Appfire family.

Why Appfire?

Over the last 15 years, Appfire has become a global authority in the Atlassian ecosystem with trusted app brands like Bob Swift, Feed Three, and Wittified helping teams everywhere to bring efficiency, automation, and insight to their work.

Sharing the same vision for team values and dedication to our customers and partners, Appfire was a natural choice to continue with our mission of delivering great software solutions that help our customers be more successful.

One of our co-founders Peter Toudjarski put it this way:

“By joining forces with Appfire, we strengthen our commitment to innovation, excellence, and sophisticated, yet flexible solutions to the Atlassian ecosystem user base.

What does this mean for Botron’s customers?

We have always been committed to providing the best products and solutions for our customers in every way possible. If you have ever interacted with our team, then we hope you have experienced this level of care first-hand.

Now with Appfire’s expertise and experience by our side, we will be able to scale and respond to our customers’ needs even faster. We will continue to enhance our products so having the best Jira administration experience will be an everyday reality for all Jira admins, owners, and project managers.

Here is what you can expect from us in the coming months:

1. Faster time to market of amazing new features and capabilities — You already know and love the power of Configuration Manager for Jira, Power Admin, Integrity Check, and Issue Matrix. And we have an exciting product roadmap of feature enhancements and expanded hosting options to continue improving your Jira administration experience. Additional resources and expertise means we can bring those improvements to you faster.

2. Expanded reach to partners and customers — Joining the Appfire family opens the door to a greater network of Atlassian partners and service providers as well as new Jira administration use cases and challenges where both Botron and Appfire’s proven solutions can help tremendously.

3. New experiences and solutions to enrich your Atlassian experience — Botron and Appfire’s other brands (like Bob Swift and Wittified) are some of the most established app vendors on the Marketplace with dozens of top-selling apps, and our combined expertise will bring amazing new products and experiences for the whole ecosystem.

4. Increased support expertise and quick response times — We’re incredibly proud of the feedback we get from you about our customer support, and one of the reasons we chose to partner with Appfire is that they share our passion for fast response times, thoughtful and thorough solutions, and escalation processes that scale.

5. Consistent product philosophy and independent product development — Botron will retain its innovation and excellence-driven spirit, open and passionate culture, and commitment to building products and solutions above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

We’re incredibly grateful to our customers for trusting our products to help make your Atlassian experience better. And we’re excited about our next chapter together and all the great things we have planned for you.

And rest assured that when it comes time to renew your Botron app licenses, there won’t be any changes in the renewal process. Simply renew through the Atlassian marketplace or your Atlassian reseller.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at