5 most promising add-ons for Jira


Łukasz Dźbik from InTENSO shared with us the Top 5 most promising add-ons for Jira on the Atlassian Marketplace. With their help your teamwork with Jira software is going to be more economic and efficient than ever before. And the best part? Configuration Manager for Jira proudly stands at the leaderboard!




“The days when there were only a few add-ons available on the Atlassian Marketplace are gone. Nowadays, thanks to a multitude of available plugins, Jira is much more extendable than several years ago.

Some of them have more active instances than others. The one with the biggest number of active installations is Zephyr, which has been on the Atlassian Marketplace since the very beginning.

But do you think that the best plugins are always those with the biggest number of active instances?

Obviously, it would be justified to think so. If one add-on has more users than another, it would seem to prove its usefulness and reliability. It’s logical that older add-ons have had more opportunities to be installed than the new ones.

However, this way of thinking may be misleading. Have you ever heard about the sheep’s momentum effect? It’s a psychological theory which states that people desire the same things that the majority have, even if these things are expensive and expendable. For example, when all your friends have a sports car, you want one as well. It works on almost all people. Moreover, it’s perfectly normal that people are afraid of new, unfamiliar things they haven’t used before. According to another psychological theory, people like to stay in their comfort zone. It explains why companies tend to use the same plugins all the time even if they are not really happy about them.

And so, it may well be that you needlessly spend a lot of money on  the most popular and reputable plugins, or on the ones you are simply used to.

  • But what if I tell you that you can have more useful, reliable, and cheaper add-ons for your Jira?

In this article I am going to introduce some of the most promising  Jira plugins….”

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