Atlassian Consultancy

Atlassian Consultancy

Atlassian Consultancy

Botron is staffed with experienced Certified Atlassian Platform consultants you can trust, and brings more than a decade of Atlassian eco-system experience providing full range of services.

Botron is a top 20 Atlassian Marketplace vendor specializing in several areas.

Botron provides End-to-End business solutions for customer support, software engineering, Project Management Office (PMO), IT organizations, and HR.

Botron manages complex enterprise environments with more than 50,000 users. Botron provides Agile Consultancy.

Product administration

Botron consultants are ‘better than the best’ with a time & business-culture proven track record.

Botron assures your systems are stable, reliable, running at optimum performance and configured for easy changes.

Botron assures a reliable process of introducing changes that work with your governance requirements.

Botron is versed on the integration of all Atlassian products.


Botron Software is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner focused in the Enterprise space.

Botron can procure licenses for all Atlassian tools and providing the best prices available.

Botron can determine which licenses and plug-ins you should purchase. License clean-up, rationalization and co-terminate the licenses you already have.

Botron can perform technical account management.

Botron can implement annual reminders.


Looking for a cost-effective and high-quality team to upgrade to the latest version of your Atlassian software?

Botron’s fixed price upgrade package is for you.

Botron’s worry-free proven upgrade methodology that avoids problems and minimizes downtime.

“We were impressed with the Botron Configuration Manger for Jira. We had a project that required accelerated migration and contacted Botron Professional Services to migrate and consolidate our large Jira & Confluence instances from the Atlassian OnDemand platform to our on premise instances. The Botron Professional Services did an excellent job developing a concise SOW, setting expectations, developing a detailed plan of action, and co-leading the project with Ingram. While all project have twists and turns, the Botron team was super professional, worked with urgency, was very communicative and responsive throughout the process. Also, they are a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend you use their well-priced and effective Professional Services team.”

Dee Poole
INGRAM Project Manager