About Botron

Botron Software Solutions is a global software company operating out of Sofia, Bulgaria. The company was founded in 2013 by a group of friends passionate about software development processes and tools. Since May 2020, it has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Appfire.  

Over the years, Botron has become one of the leading Atlassian Solution Partners for Jira administration solutions at any scale, a Technology Excellence Atlassian winner, and a synonym for outstanding tech expertise, powerful products, and customer dedication. 

Botron creates New Generation ALM tools to help accelerate software innovation and IT teams’ agile delivery of quality products. Botron develops Enterprise-grade, process-based solutions, built via Agile principles using Jira, and other products in the Atlassian ecosystem.

We strive to eliminate complexity by providing sophisticated, yet flexible and simple tools to meet the demands of the rapidly changing business environment.

Our mission

We believe in the limitless capabilities of human innovation and creativity, and are dedicated to refining today’s technology to help teams around the world build a better tomorrow. From space exploration to electric vehicles and cutting-edge biomedical innovations, our client base is our biggest motivator.

Our values

Companies change and evolve, but values remain constant. Here are the values that drive our business, company culture,
product development, and brand

Deliver WOW products & services

At the core of WOW products and services is the idea of delivering above and beyond customer expectations. Our approach to product development and professional services was and will always remain customer-focused – you define the challenges, we provide WOW solutions.

Be Innovative, Creative & Resourceful

As Darwin argued, adaptability is the key to survival and sometimes the uncompromising nature of our ever-changing industry challenges us with complex problems to which we need to find viable solutions. This is why we foster a culture of innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness – this is the fuel that runs Botron Software’s engine of innovative solutions.

Build Open and Honest relationships

Honesty and trust are the building blocks of society, and business is a part of society. Striving to build open and honest relationships with our clients, partners and amongst ourselves is one of the essential values that drive our company culture and work ethic.

Be passionate

Passion is the fine line that separates good products from great ones. A passionate team searches for better solutions, takes measured risks and performs at a higher level year after year. Passion encourages personal fortitude and a thirst for continual learning and improvement.

Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence reflects our unyielding passion and unfaltering commitment to strive for the best solutions and experience to our customers. We strive to excel in every aspect of our business and approach every challenge with a determination to succeed.