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Comprehensive custom services to get the most of GIT for your teams, company and customers.

  • Migrations
  • Integration with Atlassian stack
    • Test Automation Integration
    • Full end-to-end Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery solutions
  • Builds via Bamboo or Jenkins
  • Code Reviews with Gerrit



Our team of consultants will seamlessly migrate all your code and code history to GIT, from any existing Source Code Management System. Including, but not limited to the following.

  • CVS Migrations
  • Subversion Migrations
  • PVCS and Dimensions Migrations
  • PerForce
  • ClearCase
  • Accurev
  • MKS

Integration with Atlassian Stack

“…the Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts.” Experience FORCE MULTIPLICATION with an integrated GIT Atlassian stack.

  • Leverage the STRENGTH:  of a fully integrated Atlassian platform – Jira, Confluence, GIT, Bamboo, Code Review, Test Automation, and Other Atlassian Products.
  • Build CONFIDENCE: with full end-to-end traceability.
  • Guarantee SPEED and DEXTERITY: with a unified infrastructure to improve accuracy when building artifacts, testing, rolling out releases, supporting and sustaining GA products.

Bamboo or Jenkins Build Infrastructure

Sync all of your infrastructure to utilize Atlassian products. Setup voters, test matrix, automatic deployment and testing with GIT.

Choosing Jenkins or Bamboo: The decision of adoption is based on stakeholders priorities. Is integration critical, or is maintainability and scalability more important? Our team of consultants will help you make an agnostic decision that positions your infrastructure for best long-term operation.

  • Bamboo: is easy to use, good looking, and has solid Atlassian integration
  • Jenkins: is rough, but super flexible

Code Reviews with Gerrit

Integrate code review processes with GIT source control, and Jira. Clean, simple, efficient and smart. Eliminate dysfunction inherent to disjointed, disconnected systems and other archaic systems.

Leverage the power of team-work and motivate your remote teams.

  • Using the best Enterprise Engine for Git and Code Reviews.
  • Integrating Gerrit with your Atlassian stack to improve accuracy, speed, employee satisfaction and overall quality.

Improve release velocity, accuracy and team satisfaction with Gerrit Code Reviews.

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