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Sub-Task Toolkit Sub-Task Toolkit

Rich integration between issues and sub-tasks. Bi-directional notifications between Sub-Tasks and Standard Issues. Sub-Tasks comments aggregation at the parent issue.



Customizable Bi-Directional Notifications

Existing notification schemes can be extended to propagate notification events from the parent standard issue to its sub-tasks and vice-versa. The add-on introduces 6 additional recipients.

  • Parent Issue Watchers
  • Parent Issue Reporter
  • Parent Issue Assignee
  • All Sub-Tasks Assignee
  • All Sub-Tasks Reporter
  • All Sub-Tasks Watchers

Sub-Task Comments Aggregations

The comments of all Sub-Tasks can be viewed from the parent issue comments section. Users can search and turn ON and OFF the list of Sub-Task comments.

Who it is for


Teams using Jira Sub-Tasks can be user the richer integration between the Sub-Tasks and Standard Issue-Types. Everyone can be kept in the loop when changes are made. From a single view in the parent issue, team members can review all comments made in the sub-tasks.

Team Leads/Managers

Keep all team members in the loop about updates. Review all Sub-Task comments from the single view.

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