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Integrity Check Integrity Check

Integrity Check for Jira provides you with the ability to find and resolve errors in the configuration of your Jira server. Available as a free stand-alone tool, it is also bundled with Configuration Manager for Jira.




The Integrity Check can identify missing objects which are referred by other objects in the configuration like missing custom fields, groups, users in workflows, groups in project roles.

Integrity Check detects several types of errors in the whole Jira configuration:

  • Missing custom fields
  • Missing users/groups
  • Missing events
  • Missing objects which are referred by other objects
  • Duplicate objects with same names
  • Inconsistent objects


For each of the errors, Integrity check for Jira shows the location of the error and a quick link to navigate to the object directly.


Each of the errors comes with a suggested solution so that quickly, without additional help, you can have a valid and fully working Jira configuration.


You can choose to check all filters and all agile boards that are present in the system. This option can make the integrity check process slower depending on the quantity and complexity of the filters.


No violations found in configuration elements after Integrity Check.

Error - Path - Solution

The name shown in each box in the path is a link to the object in the Jira admin UI, so you can easily navigate and fix the problem.

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