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Configuration Manager Configuration Manager

Configuration Manager for Jira is the ultimate deployment and configuration automation tool, allowing automated roll-out of system or project configuration snapshots with intuitive UI and audit trail.



Enterprise Standard

Configuration Manager became the de facto standard tool for managing Jira configurations. Recommended by Jira experts and trusted by more than 300 companies.

Change and Impact Analysis

During configuration deployments, deep and comprehensive analysis lists all the changes that will be introduced to the system, and shows how they will impact the existing configuration.

Performance Optimized

Optimized for the Enterprise, Configuration Manager supports the largest and most complex Jira environments. Capable of deploying 50000 configuration changes in less than 10 minutes. The issue migration support is over 5 times faster than Jira Project Export/Import feature, over 4 times faster than competitive product and it doesn’t have any of their existing limitations.

Capture - Project Configuration Snapshot

A Project Configuration Snapshot represents the configuration of a number of projects (either a single project or multiple) in Jira – their schemes (workflow, permission, etc.), roles and all other configuration objects which are related to these projects. Since CMJ version 3.6 you can create a snapshot for multiple projects as well as a single one.

Capture - System Snapshot

A System Configuration Snapshot encompasses all configuration of the Jira instance – i.e. all projects, all workflows, all custom fields, etc. are included. A system snapshot can be used to merge the configuration of one Jira instance to another or to promote configuration from testing to production instance.

Detailed preview

Review your projects migration status trough detailed preview: their schemes (workflows, permissions, etc.), roles and all other configuration objects which are related to these projects.

Filters selection

Since CMJ 3.0 you are able to select the Filters that you’d like to include in your Project Snapshot.

Agile boards

With CMJ 4.0 you can include Agile boards in snapshots, either Project or System.


Since CMJ 4.1 you can include Dashboards in snapshots (either project or system). The interface is very similar to the ones for filters and agile boards. For project snapshots this can be done on the fourth page of the snapshot creation wizard.

Migrate your JIRA issues

With Configuration Manager you can migrate Jira Projects between instances containing all their configuration elements, included issue data. You can confidently deploy your snapshot while preserving all its original history, Agile data (sprints, reports, ranking etc. and links, and achieve zero data loss migration. Configuration Manager for Jira differs competitor products by its Enterprise class performance – it’s over 4 times faster than competing product and doesn’t have any of their critical limitations.


Using Configuration Manager for Jira you can perform thousands of changes on the Jira configuration in a just few steps. To give you greater visibility on how Jira configuration was changed an Audit Log component is provided, which stores detailed information for each operation you perform using the add-on.

Snapshot details

You can easily access your Project configuration data via preview window, which includes total number and type of configuration elements.


Deployment of a snapshot takes just few minutes as opposed to hours or days manual operations. Configuration Manager for Jira manages data migration as a complete process with no manual involvement.


Minimize errors when deploying new configurations to production Jira systems with confidence. The add-on’s intuitive UI allows all changes to be analyzed, revealing the impact to other projects.

Integrity Check

Keep your system in good health using the comprehensive and deep analysis of server configuration, navigate and fix using Configuration Manager intuitive UI.

The Solution

The Integrity Check can identify missing objects which are referred by other objects in the configuration, for example (but not limited to):

  • References to missing custom fields, groups, users in workflows (conditions, validators, post functions)
  • References to missing users and groups in project roles
  • References to missing events

Deploying Changes to Jira in a Day

Client Akeles Consulting

Recently, we completed a project for a bank. Their original idea was to build a system for tracking but they decide to leverage on Jira since they were already using it. The requirements can be met by adding a few new Jira projects and customized plugins.

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Merging Multiple JIRA Production Servers

Client Blackboard

Do you want to have visibility not just for the current iteration but for the whole release and multiple teams? Cycle gives you all of that across multiple boards, epics, and sprints.Do you want to have visibility not just for the current iteration but for the whole release and multiple teams? Cycle gives you all of that across multiple boards, epics, and sprints.

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