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“There may be other similar tools on the market right now but Botron really brings it home!”

Scottie Brimmer
Scottie Brimmer

“If you need to promote configurations from one environment to another you absolutely need the Configuration Manager.”

Félix Martineau
Félix Martineau

“Botron’s Professional Services team did an excellent job setting expectations, developing a plan of action, and co-leading the project with Ingram.”

Dee Pole
Dee Pole

“Possibly the best commercial plugin for Jira ever?”

Bryan Karsh

“Botron’s Issue Matrix is an excellent plugin that works exactly as stated.”

Marc Ray
Marc Ray

“Botron helped us solve several license inaccuracies by selling us upgraded Atlassian licenses that fit our accounting and user needs. We recommend Botron and hope to work with them again on our future merges! :)”

Kobi Shmueli

“This Tool are really great, when I starting with it I get very soon comfortably to using it. Today it brings me a lot of effort for my Daily work with Testsystem and Production System.”

Heinz Bachmann

“This add-on has saved me an enormous amount of time! I was tasked with merging a portion of the projects (50) from a highly customized old Jira instance into our Enterprise Jira and this has saved not only time, but reduced any possible human errors as well as eliminated any unused configuration that would have been very tedious to find. I can’t say enough good things about their support of their product, and the product itself works like a charm. I a€™m very impressed.”

Deborah Sprague

“We used the Configuration Manager plugin to merge multiple legacy JIRA production servers into a single consolidation server. As part of this effort over 60 project configurations containing over 50,000 issues were exported from the legacy JIRA instances and imported into the consolidation server using the Configuration Manager plugin.”

Robert Sanders

“Very impressive tool and an extremely responsive support team: actually, even though some of our issues were not related to this plugin, the support team gave good advice which enabled us to fix the issues. The reaction times are very short and typically bugs or issues are closed on a really short term. Without Configuration Manager, it takes me about 2 hours to migrate an XML-exported workflow from QA to Production. With CMJ, it is a matter of 5 minutes or even less.”

Dmitri Barski

“Configuration Manager has become the cornerstone of our JIRA deployment process, and that choice has been a great one. The time savings and ease of use add an additional benefit to this product, but that’s not all. The support has been fantastic. The response to our open issues has been nearly instantaneous, and meaningful, offering additional recommendations in pursuit of a resolution or question.”

Chris Volker

“With the exceptional help of Botron’s Professional Services team we were able to accomplish our goals with 100% satisfaction. We will definitely use Botron and Configuration Manager for JIRA again.”

Steve Cagle

“We were looking for a tool to help us move quickly between dev and prod environment without recreating every little detail of the projects. Configuration manager helps us do just that. It has not only saved me time, but it has helped me avoid missing crucial pieces of projects from the days when I would manually create a project in prod based upon dev.”

IT Department

“With this plug-in we can easily and reliably transfer configurations from our test environments to our production servers. What really impressed us about this plug-in was the Botron customer service. They had prompt email support, great communication, and fixed our issues very quickly. We deal with a lot of vendors and we have never experienced better support from any software company.”

Brad Rarick

“One of the best plugins on the market!! We have an extremely old version of Jira which we are in the process of migrating onto our new instance using a dev instance as a staging environment. Without CM for Jira the migration process would of be a none starter. Fantastic plugin and very user friendly. I would also like to thank Botron for taking the time to understand our requirements and being flexible with the evaluation license until the commercial license is released. It is much appreciated.”

Samer Mustapha

“The support provided by Botron is so great! During my trail month, I asked 3 questions, one from the web portal and two via emails. Guess what, I got all answers within hours, or to be exact, within an hour sometimes. They not only answered my questions, pointed me to more resources, and also updated their web site to provide more updated information. I feel confident to recommend my team to use the product on production environment with such awesome support.”

Zhiyong Liu

We use CMJ extensivley for custom plugin development jobs for various clients. The add-on helps setting up a development pipeline where you develop JIRA projects for custom usage in combination with custom add-ons on a dev environment, transfer it to testing environment and finally go live on JIRA production instance. I evaluated other tools and ways but CMJ provides the best support for this rather complex process.

In the end, it saves us around 7000 clicks on each release.

Great UI, great support, the Botron guys did an overall good job with this plugin.

Christopher Mohr

There are some jobs we’ve taken on that we could not have completed without this plugin. Most recently we were asked to import a JIRA instance with 30 projects and thousands of issues. That would have been an exceedingly painful process without this plugin.

Additionally, the support staff is top-notch. Always responsive with spot-on suggestions.

Thanks folks!


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Professional services: JIRA Migrations

With a portfolio of 1500+ JIRA projects, 2400+ Confluence spaces & 900+ Bitbucket projects, we have zero post-production issues reported. 94% of all migration projects were executed on time and 91% - on budget.

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Atlassian License Management & Instance Merge

Client ironSource

Kobi Shmueli - “Botron helped us solve several license inaccuracies by selling us upgraded Atlassian licenses that fit our accounting and user needs. We recommend Botron and hope to work with them again on our future merges! :)”

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JIRA 7 Upgrade & CLOUD Migration

Client Ingram Book Group Inc

Upgraded Atlassian product operating environment to JIRA 7 & Confluence 5.9.x. Plus platform migration from On-Prem to Google Cloud. Our customer said, “... the BOTRON team was super professional... and they are a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend you use their well-priced and effective Professional Services team.”

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Client INFOR

Migration of Source Instance & Target instances project configuration, data, user rights, plugins and many more components. Our customer said, “...with the exceptional help of Botron's Professional Services team we were able to accomplish our goals with 100% satisfaction. We will definitely use Botron and Configuration Manager for JIRA again.”

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Migration/Merge: On-demand to On-Prem

Client Ingram Book Group Inc

Migration and Merge of all JIRA & Confluence servers from On-demand to hosted servers. Included all configuration elements that existed on the On-Demand servers. Our customer said, “...the BOTRON Professional Services did an excellent job developing a concise SOW, setting expectations..."

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