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Configuration Manager 101 - Use Cases

200% Delegated Administration for Jira

In the blog below, we explore the root of the problem and solutions to scaling Jira administration.

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Inside Botron – Meet George

Most probably you already know him - if you ever contacted Botron support for Configuration Manager, Issue Matrix or Cycle Control, there was 80% chance that George was the first person to respond.

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CMJ is now Agile

We are happy to announce that a long-requested feature of Configuration Manager for Jira is now live! With version 4.0 you can already include Agile boards in your snapshots.

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Resolving Custom Field Conflicts

Did you know that Configuration Manager for Jira will resolve custom field conflicts during deployment?

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Protecting your Configuration Data

A top priority in the development of Configuration Manager for Jira has always been the target system’s consistency after a snapshot deployment, including reverting planned changes in case of an unexpected error during deployment.

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Multi-project Snapshots

You are already using Configuration Manager for Jira to merge and migrate system and project snapshot but you are wondering, isn’t it possible to move snapshots for more projects simultaneously?

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How to deal with the Jira Administrator bottleneck

You are a several-thousand-people enterprise and you use Jira. Everything is great and everybody is happy. But you only have one Jira Administrator for the entire company responsible for administering changes during workflow and screen development.

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