Recapping Atlassian Summit 2017 in San Jose



Every year, like clockwork, the Atlassian community comes together to share new ideas and better ways to use the Atlassian stack. This year was no exception – after the European summit in Barcelona, users, developers, vendors, and experts got together again for another round of informative sessions and knowledge sharing in San Jose, CA.
As a Gold Solution Partner and summit sponsor, Botron Software’s team was delighted to take part in this year’s Atlassian US summit. In this post, we will review some of the key takeaways from the event.

The central theme: unleashing the potential of every team

Atlassian’s company motto was at the forefront of both the opening and product keynote talks – teamwork was the central theme of the event. As Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes said: openness across teams is vital when it comes to both products and company philosophies. The entire event was unified around one goal: empowering teams to collaborate in an open and transparent manner.

New look & feel across the board!


Atlassian revealed the final result of their re-branding efforts – the company’s logo that was originally inspired by the sky-holding Greek titan Atlas, and the incredible example of legendary service and support that represents has evolved. The new logo has a number of possible interpretations, all of which reflect Atlassian’s evolution as a company and focus on teamwork and openness. You can read more about the new logo and Atlassian’s design philosophy over on the Atlassian blog.
Additionally, all of Atlassian’s product logos have been redesigned to match, and Atlassian is revealing a new UI across its tools to go alongside the new logos. This will bring a more unified look to the Atlassian stack while simplifying and making them easier to use than ever before.


Next generation communication: Introducing Stride

With Slack’s continued growth, Atlassian has responded by creating Stride – a new communication tool aimed at improving the way teams communicate through video chat, IM, voice, organization, and integration. The Atlassian team provided frequent demos of Stride at Summit and had a dedicated Stride booth set up at the Summit exhibit floor. For more information and an early access, visit Stride’s website.


Jira admins unite! Atlassian is rolling out project level administration

Typically, when someone within the team wants to make changes to their Jira configuration, as an admin you’d need to give them global admin privileges – a potentially risky move. Many Jira users were eager for an alternative, leading to “project level administration” being one of the most popular feature requests as voted by users.
Now, admins can grant project level admin privileges, rather than having to do so at a global level. This allows project admins far more control. And it’s not just Jira Software – this feature is coming soon to Bitbucket and Bamboo as well.

At Botron Software, we like to cater to the needs of Jira admins – our #1 Jira administration add-on includes a delegated administration use case, which protects your production environment.

Identity Manager for Atlassian Cloud


While transparency is important for teams, so is security. During the event, Atlassian introduced Identity Manager for its cloud offerings. Identity Manager brings SAML 2.0 support for single sign-on, enforced two-factor authentication, password policies, and priority cloud support – with Atlassian responding to support requests within one hour.

Breakout Sessions at Atlassian Summit 2017


Yet again, breakout sessions were highly informative, and provided insight into many aspects of the Atlassian Tool Suite, from tools and techniques used at large technology companies to developing custom add-ons, integrations, and improving overall performance. You can check out over 10 hours of recorded breakout sessions here – Wednesday Sessions and Thursday Sessions.

Botron Software at Summit 2017: Key takeaways

We would like to thank all the people that kept most of our team members away from the breakout sessions – the traffic at our booth was immense, yet very rewarding. We truly enjoyed learning about your Jira challenges, especially when we were able to offer viable solutions.

In the spirit of the teamwork theme at the event, our booth was designed accordingly – if you are wondering why all the faces are smiling and happy (and yes, that question did come up), maybe you need to check some of our tools. Good tools = happy customers:


Cycle Control, our Project Portfolio Management solution designed to scale your Agile practices, got a lot of traction this summit. This Jira server application is designed to provide you with visibility and control across multiple teams & sprints. The dream of every Program/Project manager, Scrum Master and Release Train Engineer! And boy, did we make some dreams come true!


At the other end of the spectrum, we got all the Jira admins who either haven’t used the best Jira admin add-on or wanted to check out the latest release! Configuration Manager for Jira 5.0 now enables you to move issues. Now you will be able to confidently deploy your snapshot while preserving all its original history, Agile data, and links. Configuration Manager’s issue support feature uses innovative technology to ensure first-class performance with no limitations.