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Multi-project Snapshots

You are already happily using Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ) to merge and migrate system and project snapshots. But you’ve always wondered, isn’t it possible to create & move snapshots for more than one project simultaneously? Now this is all doable with the new CMJ 3.6 feature Multi-Project Snapshot.

mps3 multi-project-snapshot2multi-project-snapshot1

To use this cool feature go to the Create Snapshot wizard and choose the Project Configuration option. From the drop-down menu, you can select as many projects from the current system as you’d like.

The new snapshot will be listed as a project snapshot (as opposed to a system snapshot) and will include all selected projects.

Once you create a multi-project snapshot, you can deploy it in “merge” mode.

For details about deploying snapshots, please view the CMJ documentation.

Also, check out how CMJ helps protect your configuration data at all times.

And see how CMJ’s delegated administration can help you deal with the Jira administration bottleneck.

Happy snapshotting!


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