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Migration Jira & Confluence

Client INFOR


100% Successful: Jira & Confluence Merge 

“We tested the trial version of Configuration Manager for Jira in the beginning phases of a Jira merge/migration project. We had projects from multiple Jira instances that we needed merged into a new consolidated Jira instance and we were not prepared for the intense work it was going to take. So with the exceptional help of Botron’s Professional Services team we were able to accomplish our goals with 100% satisfaction. We will definitely use Botron and Configuration Manager for Jira again.” – Steve Cagle (INFOR Project Manager)

Engagement:  INFOR partnered with Botron to discover a significant effort to merge 2 instances. Primary challenges were rooted in project configuration, data, user rights, plugins and other merge-specific areas. Botron led the effort and the merge was 100% successful.